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I like to have a word of the year for focus. Last year, my personal word was LIGHTER. As you may have guessed from earlier posts, I am a huge fan of acronyms. (An acronym is the first letter of a series of words to form another word.) The first letters of the word lighter are LIG, which for me stood for LET IT GO! Whenever I was finding myself worrying in 2016, I randomly would break out into the Frozen song. Just kidding, though let’s just say it is good I work solo from my home office a lot. I believe that a word for the year helps to keep you focused, determined, and on track.

The award for 2017’s business word of the year goes to…

PRE-PAID. Prepagado in Spanish or  Prepaye in French (with some accents on the 2 e’s, but I don’t know how to add accent marks).

Let me give you my thinking on how this great word became the word of the year. First, I consider most debt to be payments on the past. Please email me if you’d like clarification on “most” debt. When you use your credit card, you are delaying the payment of your current expenses for your future, and I believe we should all work towards a terrific future. Pay NOW for what you use now, and only buy what you can afford NOW. If you focus on those 2 principles, your money management will be much easier, and your future will be much brighter.

Let’s now take that one step closer with our 2017 word. What if I told you the next vacation you go on will be entirely paid for, and you can merely relax and enjoy yourself during the whole vacation? No, you don’t have to enter a game show in order for that to happen. What you can do is take a portion of your monthly income, and set it aside for your future. We all should already be doing this for our retirement, and I want you to continue to save for retirement. But, the idea of planning that far into your future can be… well, boring. We can’t really see or feel an immediate benefit of planning that far down the road. We sometimes (most times?) have to do some boring tasks, but I want you to be engaged and passionate about the best use of your money. To get you to focus on making your future the very best it can be, prepaying for as much as you can will guarantee a better future.

One of my heroes, Les Brown, says that money doesn’t bring happiness, but I’d sure like to see so for myself. A prepaid future doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it does bring a sense of security, discipline, and ease of mind.

I am going to have many posts about how to PREPAY, but I wanted to introduce you to my business word for 2017. You’ll see in my posts how prepay has to do with money but also with our time. Please start thinking about how you can make your future better today. I’d love to hear your thoughts or plans on how you are going to prepay your future. If you’d also like to know my personal word for 2017, please email me at tlc@50statesclub.net. Happy Word Wednesday!


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