Happy Tell the Truth Thursday!

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I’m just Thinking on This Thursday about how great it would be if everyone lived their Truth. As an auditor, I have seen a lot of people lie. I have worked with and have known many pathological liars. While this has caused me a lot of hurt in the past, these experiences have given me the super hero ability to find the truth. I have developed a strong sixth sense for knowing when something is off, a lie. Most times I have no conscious way of explaining why I know something, and other times I can point right to the inconsistency.

My best defense to a lie is to respond with, “Prove it.” If you say your business is thriving, prove it to me by showing me your financials. If a coach tells a parent that school comes before the sport, back that up with requiring good grades in order to play. If you teach a child to not drink and drive, make sure you show them by not doing it yourself. If you tell me it is important to you to save money, let me see how you spend your money. If I have to choose between what you say and what I see, I’m going to go with what I see.

The lesson here is to TRUST YOUR GUT. Just because you can’t say in words why you know something doesn’t invalidate the knowledge. Remember when Dory in Finding Nemo was just told to not swim through the kelp but to swim on top? She couldn’t remember why she knew that it felt wrong, but she had a gut feeling. Trust that feeling, friends.

In sparring in karate, masters teach students to look for the “tells.” These are signs that the person is about to kick or hit to the right or the left. We usually are consistent with how we behave, and we send out signals of how we are about to behave. When what someone says doesn’t match their “tell,” go with their action instead of what they say.

If you aren’t convinced yet in your own sixth sense, try playing Trivia Crack. It is an app game of trivia. You might think you are only guessing at an answer, but something has drawn you to one answer over another. I love playing this game because I usually find that I have no idea why I know the right answer, but I know it. Our brains have filed away so much information that there’s no way to store everything in our conscious minds. We might not be able to identify the source of knowledge, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that we have the knowledge.

Whatever is important to you should be apparent by your actions. Live your truth.


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