Happy Flying Freer with Fifteen Friday!

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Flying pigHave you ever had a dream where you are flying? Oh, those are really the best. I don’t mean flying in an airplane or with a parachute or strapped to a power pack. I mean unencumbered flying. I have heard it said that flying dreams can be the most restful. Despite the fact that I have been waiting for decades, scientists haven’t invented a way to physically fly unencumbered YET. But, mentally flying and releasing what is weighing us down are the next best things. I have not yet mastered (mastered? not even bachelored) the art of meditation. For me, it is like when I go  wine tasting. People tell me I’m supposed to be tasting cherries with hints of chocolate and oak, and I get nothing. When trying to meditate, I usually do put on an app while in bed. Boom! I’m out like a light. However, I do find great comfort in my form of meditation, which is mentally taking myself to a favorite vacation spot or reliving a favorite memory. For example, I close my eyes and picture myself on the train in Holland while the different color fields of tulips are stirring my soul.

You don’t have to limit your flying to nighttime dreams. You can mentally fly by picturing yourself flying. This is easiest to do if you are outside, but I like to look around and imagine myself flying, looking down on my setting. It gives me a different perspective. Creatively taking your mind elsewhere releases your creative juices too, and then get ready because your inner Martha Stewart has been uncovered.

The real key to mentally flying is to remove what is weighing your down. Take a good look at things, people, activities, problems, worries, etc. These things are not only taking up too much of your energy but are holding you back from the freedom you can feel. When you are trying to add up calories consumed in a day, you count the number of calories in your foods. Too many calories means too much weight. Think of your worries and problems as excess calories that are preventing you from feeling free. When you go on a diet, you try to restrict yourself from high calorie foods. When you are trying to fly, restrict yourself from heaviness and excess. What is the worst culprit in weighing us down? Yes, it is clutter. Clutter is “high in calories” in and of itself, but the main reason clutter is so harmful is that it causes mind clutter. I know people, OK that includes me, who think that shutting the door in a cluttered room will keep your mind off of it. Guess what? Your mind is so much smarter than you give it credit. It is as if a compartment in your mind has been blocked with the clutter behind the closed door. Your mind knows it is there, closed door or not.

When one of my children gives me a hard time about doing a small chore, frequently I say, “In the time it has taken to argue about doing the chore, you could have done it, made a sandwich, and enjoyed a trip to the beach!” How much energy and time do we spend on worrying about our clutter than taking care of it? All it takes is 15 minutes a day. “Fifteen minutes? What? You haven’t seen my clutter!” Fifteen minutes a day (really at anything) jump starts your energy, your determination, and your sense of some accomplishment toward your goal.

Unfortunately (believe me, I’ve tried), you don’t need to go out and buy organizing books, cleaning supplies, office supplies, etc. to get started on what is weighing you down. Just start. That’s it. Just set your timer for 15 minutes, and watch how much you can get done. That success will lead to more 15 minute practices, and soon you will be feeling freer to fly, fly, fly.

Fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the journey.

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